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The Devious Angels
The Devious Angels
Track Listing
1 Fly
2 Somebody's Somebody
3 Life After Loving You
4 Wanna Make A Day
5 Odelay
6 Easy Does It
7 Coastal Carolina

Liner Notes

1. Fly (2:44)
(Decious, Altman, Cannon-Goodman)
2. Somebody's Somebody (3:09)
(Decious, Steeves)
3. Life After Loving You (3:08)
(Decious, D. Dillon, J.J. Dillon)
4. WannaMakeADay (3:05)
(Decious, Steeves)
5. Odelay (2:58)
(Decious, Napier)
6. Easy Does It (3:26)
(Decious, J.J. Dillon, Mills)
7. Coastal Carolina (3:22)
(Decious, Napier)
Produced: RJ Stillwell and Chad Jeffers
Recorded and Mixed: Jason Miller
Recorded at Shmowland Studio, Brentwood, TN  July & August, 2011
The Devious Angels
Steevie Steeves and Jon Decious
Steevie Steeves & Jon Decious - vocals & background vocals
Shawn Tubbs - electric and acoustic guitar
Mark Childers - bass
Dillon Napier - drums, percussion
Jonathan Hamby - Keyboards
Chad Jeffers - pedal steel, lap steel, ganjo, dobro
Rob Hajacos - fiddle
*Choir on Coastal Carolina (Steevie Steeves, Jon Decious, RJ Stillwell, Chad Jeffers & Dillon Napier)